March 29, 2007

Shivering in the cold

Spam has been <a
href="">forced to take
down his windmill</a>, so it looks like he is going to have to find a
different way to get <strike>good publicity</strike> clean energy. The sight
of his little generator being taken down did give the wonderful image of
Cameron and family huddled, shivering, around the light of a single candle
as their energy supply is removed. How I laughed.

Unfortunately this is not to be as they will still have their grid
connection to those big smokey coal power stations (and the clean, quiet,
nuclear ones) so their supply of electricity will continue without any
noticeable difference, nor will there be any noticeable difference to their
electricity bills given how little energy that little windmill was actually
producing. Rather like Cameron's cycling to the office to save the planet,
but still with the chauffeur driven car tagging along behind.

But then the windmill was there to produce good headlines rather than
electricity, so I guess that it has served it's purpose.


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